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Key SEO Terminology Every Business Must Know

In order to succeed online, you must understand the concept of SEO. Moreover, you must also familiarize yourself with certain terms and jargon associated with SEO. By doing so you gain a clear advantage over competitors and can develop marketing strategies that further your business. Some of the most important SEO terms are: Read more

Blogging Metrics All Business Blogs Should Follow

In order to have a successful business blog there are two elements you always need to fulfill. First is publishing extraordinary content, second is tracking the success of your blog. Publishing outstanding content time and time again, but without tracking the progress of your blog leads you nowhere. In fact using metrics to analyze your blog...
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Basics of Simple Blogging: Performing Keyword Research

While blogging may be easy, you definitely don't want to waste your time blogging about something no one has any interest in. If you have a blog for your business the entire point was so you would have another outlet to reach and connect with customers and prospects. While easy blogging is indeed a real...
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