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Social Media Marketing Make Overs in 2015

It is no surprise the world of social media is susceptible to change; seeing how change is one of the core fundamentals social media operates on. Additionally, change in social media marketing is an aspect every business should keep close tabs on. As social media marketing is a vital component to all online business, big and...
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Key Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

Keeping up with all the latest technological trends and developments are a sure way to remain active and relevant on the internet market. Below are four ways to stay with or ahead of the competition in 2014:   Get a Mobile Website: At one point it was suggested that an online business have a mobile website,...
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Google Rank and Google Authorship

Google Rank and Google Authorship share a few qualities, but are hardly the same thing. When it comes to Google Authorship, it is a tool that provides an assortment of techniques and methods that link your original content with other regions across the World Wide Web. Google Authorship also allows you to access information about...
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Getting More Views on YouTube

If your business has a YouTube channel then getting as many views as possible is a must. There are a number of way you can generate more views on YouTube, yet some tactics need a small army or outsources, or specialized and expensive software that don't quite work if you run a small business...
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Five Ways of Directing Traffic from Twitter to Your Website

Twitter has become one of the most accessible and used social media platforms in recent years. Yet there lies a discrepancy when it comes to traffic regarding this social media giant. Some claim it is quite easy to generate and direct traffic from Twitter to their website, while other argue just the opposite. Some...
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Five Useful Tips for Online Advertising

Who would have thought that online advertising can help a business save and boost sales at the same time rather than spend thousands sometimes millions of dollars on TV ads or other conventional forms of advertising. Now while there is always some sort of risk when it comes to advertising, there are ways you...
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