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The Importance of Conversion Optimization

As every business knows, they must promote their brand on a creative, consistent basis. Whether it be through advertising, special deals, sales, or contests are all effective ways for bringing in new potential customers and retain current customers. (more…)...
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Latest Website Design Trends in 2015

Change, change, change is the word in 2015 as developers look at the latest trends in website designs aimed at giving businesses and users added features to utilize and enjoy. As it happens to be, four main website design trends are gaining widespread recognition and usage as 2015 mover farther along. Read more

Reducing Spam on Your Website

Where there is good, there is bad. The Internet can be used as a good example of such a saying. Unsolicited and unwanted advertising commonly known as spam continues to annoy and obstruct just about anyone enjoyment of accessing and using the Internet. And in absolute worst case scenarios large volumes of spam can...
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Improving Your Web Page Performance

Based on a recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, its been noted that having a one second delay in the loading time of your page leads to 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. These are numbers and percentages that you want to avoid at all costs if you run...
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Improving Traffic for E-mail Marketing

As you are probably well aware, your business needs to expand and include e-mail marketing in its plans in order to continue to thrive and remain relevant in the minds of customers and investors. When you have news to share regarding a product or service e-mail marketing it just about the best way to...
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Important Characteristics of a Solid Homepage Image

One crucial component of a web design is its homepage image. This image is the welcoming mat for all who come to visit your website. It gives the visitors an impression of you and your business and what to expect from the rest of your website. Therefore, it is pivotal you design the best web...
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