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If you have just started a new business, it is likely that you have not yet printed or even perhaps designed your brochure as you are still working out your marketing strategy.
Whatever your marketing strategy may be, it must include print marketing as one of the marketing mediums that you would like to utilize in order to communicate your business details to your target audience.

While there numerous online mediums such as a blog or a social network, you need to find a way to make the best use of off line channels as well. Such an endeavor calls for designing and printing a brochure that you can use in your marketing plans to help expand your business.

If this is your first ever printed brochure, then you might feel a bit lost about how to design and where to get it printed. Our knowledge of design and print makes it easier for your business brochure to educate new business owners on how to have the most successful brochure.

Brochure Printing & Design

This is something that you have to decide before you have even designed the brochure. It is best to plan ahead and know which service you are going to use, therefore you know how much time the company will take to do the job, and how this will fit in your marketing budget.

While online printing my at first appear to be more cost-effective as opposed to an offline printer, if your printing doesn’t meet the standard offered by the online printing company, you may not be able to print with them. IBIS Dubai can make both online and offline printing options available to you and easy to use. However, if this is your very first time designing and printing a brochure for your business, our suggestion is using an offline printer first, then work your way up.

Our personnel do your research for you in finding a printing company that best suits your needs. We can act on your behalf and printing companies and acquire clarification on any questions or inquiries you may have.

At IBIS Dubai we are fully aware that your brochure might be the first piece of advertising material that a prospective customer receives, about your company. Consequently the design of the brochure must be an accurate, positive presentation about your company, its goals, products, and services.

Working closely with your company, our designers gather adequate information about you, your business, and your overall marketing goals. We then plan for the design of your brochure that goes beyond surface level presentation and instead offer an in-depth, well-rounded look at your company and its products/services. We customize your brochure so that its content pages effectively communicate the details of your products/services without the problematic instance of your brochure being too dense or cumbersome for readers.

As previously mentioned, while the brochure provides significant information about the business, products and the like, IBIS Dubai believes it is better and more effective to say more with images than with words. Therefore we utilize colors in our designs that blend with and enhance the corporate image or the product image.

Get in touch with IBIS brochure designers and developers today to give you an uncluttered, vibrant look your company deserves and your audience can appreciate.