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You may be familiar with the buzz word “SEO” which is also known as search engine optimization.  It is a form of internet marketing used to increase the traffic on websites by improving SERPs of major search terms in organic listings.

SEO is a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), through which websites are promoted in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Websites, which are properly optimized for Google, get over 80% of online traffic and other search engines share rest of the percentage.

Both for a brand awareness and lead generation/conversions, you can do either form of SEM; inorganic or paid method PPC or organic or natural called “SEO”. Due to its long-term benefits, now most of the business owners are paying more attention towards SEO of their business websites in order to enhance the name of their brands online. So, marketing which is done via SEO efforts is best practice because you do not have to pay Google for getting traffic on your website unlike PPC marketing campaign.

In our quest to satisfy our clients, IBIS Branding SEO experts are prepared to work tireless days and hours to ensure your website receives maximum exposure and sees steady exponential growth across all major search engine platforms.

Indeed our SEO technicians will perform crucial SEO tactics in an effort to successfully promote your brand name online.

Tactics & SEO Process at IBIS:

Some SEO tactics we provide include:

We offer specialized counsel and practice in SEO affairs. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us and get in-depth SEO knowledge that catapults your business to the top of major search engine pages today.