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Latest Website Design Trends in 2015

Change, change, change is the word in 2015 as developers look at the latest trends in website designs aimed at giving businesses and users added features to utilize and enjoy. As it happens to be, four main website design trends are gaining widespread recognition and usage as 2015 mover farther along.

Among the four trends is the ‘Responsive Web Design.’ This web design trend is geared toward providing maximum viewing experience for users; ensuring a website’s readability without the need to scroll up, down, sideways, or having to pan or resize the size of the website; no matter if it be on a mobile device, desktop, or laptop screen. Indeed Responsive Web Design has been a trend that has been alluded to in the past, but now is becoming a staple of modern and effective web design.

Additionally there will be more of a focus on text design in 2015. As is the case, print text is highly different from online text. The difference between print text and online text is that print text is orchestrated so that all information is made available on a single page so readers won’t have to sift back and forth between pages in order to read about new ideas. Whereas with websites, loading all text on a single page usually means that the font or size of the text will most likely have to be decreased, which isn’t always a good thing. Yet while the proposition of avoiding to shrink website text in order to fit it all on one page is nothing revolutionary, the application and practical use of it in a website design is.

In 2015, website designers are more conscious of the readability a piece of text is on websites and are taking three things into account: 1) type size, 2) column width, 3) line height. Based on recent research, the larger and more legible a website’s text is, the more beneficial it is to both users and developers as it renders the entire site more appealing and easier to navigate. However, as a caveat website designers should stray from making their font too big or too small. It is always best to find a happy medium between the two.

Now not all trending website designs are worth cheering about, at least for designers; for the emergence and prevalence of website generators poses a threat to the livelihood of web designers. Website generators make it possible for users with no experience the ability to design their own website. Initially this may be an costly way to about building a website, however recently website generators have become more in demand thus giving way to a more affordable price as more people flock to it.

It is no secret that content rules all and now web designers are finding ways to make their web-based content more interactive. For instance website designers could incorporate customer suggestions on how to make a website more easily accessible and navigate through it. By involving customers in your design plans it instills a deep sense of loyalty and appreciation of the fact that you care about them. It also deters them from using website generators as a means of getting the website they want.

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